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MISS ROSE Makeup Setting Spray

MISS ROSE Makeup Setting Spray

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Forget about touch-ups and enjoy a flawless, long-lasting finish that won't budge all day.

This innovative solution seals and penetrates deeply into makeup, replenishing even dry, irritated skin and eventually blocking off sweat, oil, and environmental contaminants to keep you looking fresh from morning to night. No matter the temperature or the intensity of your day, this potent spray will keep your makeup looking as good as new.The MISS ROSE makeup setting spray covers you whether you go to the office, the gym, or out of town. The makeup will last all day thanks to the formula's ability to repel oil without feeling greasy.

Why It Is Different?/ Benefits Of Makeup Setting Spray

  • This setting spray has a fine spray nozzle, making it simple to apply and spread evenly throughout your face for full coverage that won't cake or feel sticky.
  • Moisturizes and calms the skin, making it feel smooth and supple all day.
  • It seals in your makeup and protects against sweat, oil, and other environmental aggressors.
  • It is lightweight and breathable.
  • Removes shine and oil from the skin instantly; absorbs quickly; provides a matte finish in an eye blink.
  • It's gentle for even the most sensitive skin.
  • It reduces the visibility of pores.
  • It keeps concealers and bases from getting oxidized.

How To Use Miss Rose Makeup Spray?

  • After applying makeup, shake it, spray it on your face, and wait for it to dry.
  • Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away.
  • To revive and touch up your look, spritz some facial spray, pat your face dry with a tissue, and finish with a light dusting of compact powder.

Pro Tips: Wet your blender with setting spray before applying foundation. It will aid in securing that layer. To maximize coverage, spray in an X and T pattern.

Order now and GET  your essential weapon to enjoy a flawless, long-lasting budge-free look.

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